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  • FAQ


    How do I contact someone regarding general information?

    • Dial 818-208-7500 and press 0
    • You will be connected to one of our officers, and they should be able to answer any questions you have or point you in the right direction.
    • Emailing - ieausecretary@gmail.com
    • Miss Gullesserian will direct your question to the right department.

    What if I am Media and would like a Press Release or to ask questions?

    • Please dial 818-208-7500 and press 5
    • This will connect you to the communications director, Bella Doll.

    What if I have an emergency after office hours, how do I reach someone?

    • The I.E.A.U. can only be reached during normal business hours.
    • If, however, you are trying to reach the SWA, please dial 818-208-7500 and press 4, there should be someone at all hours to answer the phone in that case.

    When is the next officer election or how do I apply for a vacant officer seat?

    • Please send resume to ieausecretary@gmail.com with the position in which you are interested in.
    • Officers maybe appointed during the first beginning semester only, after that all officer positions will be by voting ballot only.
    • The next officer election is December 2018.

    What does the membership go towards?

    • Running the website
    • Issuing your membership cards - which you will receive once you become a member
    • Lawyers' fees
    • Promotional Material
    • Upkeep, organizing and much more!

    What other things are you looking to do for Union Members?

    • More discount programs from your phone bill to beauty products
    • Free Talent Testing Centers
    • Osha Regulated Safety Passes for Companies as well as Talent
    • Exit Programs - Finding you a job and a way out of adult entertainment work, if you want
    • 12-step programs if arrested for any type of sex work, as an alternative to jail time
    • Discount Lawyer service, civil or criminal 

    What do I do if I want the Club I work at be a Union club?

    • On the left-hand panel there is a box that says "Organize Today"
    • Click on that link 
    • Fill out the form
    • Someone will contact you on how to move forward

    Are Union dues a tax write off?

    • Yes!  You are allowed to write off all union due expenses.

    What if I want to contribute to the Union, to help with the cause?

    • The I.E.A.U. is a Non-profit labor organization. But all non-profit organizations need money to keep it running.
    • All proceeds given to the I.E.A.U. are tax deductible as charity deductions.
    • To make a donation to the I.E.A.U. please email ieausecretary@gmail.com.

    How much do the officers of the I.E.A.U. and the chapters make?

    At this time all work of the I.E.A.U. and its chapter officers are done on a volunteer basis. No one at the moment, is paid for the work in which they do.  We hope that one day this will change, so that all officers can commit full time into running the I.E.A.U.

    “How is this union different from those tried before?”

    Most of us, if we have been involved in the industry for any length of time, have had the discussion regarding a union at one time or another. And most of us have been asked to join someone else’s. But has anyone ever asked you to join one of your OWN? 

    Well, you are being asked now. Join the I.E.A.U. Together we are Stronger.

    “Why will this union work when others have failed?”

    We understand that we represent a unique industry, and that to gain the strength of the thousands of people involved in the adult industry, our union needs to be as unique as we are. We’re looking forward to hearing fresh ideas and solutions to long-time issues.

    “Why Internationally?”

    There are 19 other countries with adult industry unions.  Yes, 19.
    We’ll be joining forces with the other unions all over the world to solve both global and local problems facing the adult industry.

    “How will you get everyone to come together; how does one herd cats?”

    Well, technically that’s two questions, but that’s OK. The truth is that there are very few, if any, opportunities for adult workers to voice their opinions.  We understand that the input of each and every one of you, as well as the will to act on it, are vital to our success.  We already get together numerous times throughout the year, there are conventions happening every other month, for instance.  We intend to leverage that to our advantage.

    How will you make our voices count?”

    Every industry in the world has a union, from elevator operators, to maids, to taxi drivers.  The I.E.A.U. was specifically created to run on a voting system, and so you count now more than ever before.  Your opinion, your vote, your voice:  they matter! 

    “Haven’t you heard about APAC? Aren’t they trying to do the same thing?”

    We support and applaud APAC for their contributions to the industry. It’s not a competition.

    “How could you possibly collect royalties?”

    That is what they asked when actors stood up to the mainstream movie producers. It is what record companies said when music artists stood up to protect their intellectual property.  We will release more details as they become available.  The fact is that while many people insisted that a union would never work, well… here we are.

    “Who owns the union?”

    No one owns a Union.  A union is run by the workers in the industry for which that union has been created. 


    “What employment status do I need in order to become a member?”

    The International Entertainment Adult Union shall be composed of all adult industry workers, either employed, self-employed or multi-employed. 

    “Are you going to try to set standard wages in the industry?”

    We are going to change our employee status to employees first, and go from there.

    “What will the I.E.A.U.  do about industry health concerns?”

    We’re going to offer low-cost health plans.  The average cost of talent testing per month per performer is about $300.  The cost of our health insurance plans may start as low as $30 (exact cost TBA) with minimal co-pays, and will cover more than just testing.

    “Will I lose work if I join?”

    It is a federal law that companies and/or employers cannot threaten you with loss of work because you are involved with a Union.

    Even if you know nothing about Union laws.  You should know that.

    “Without a collective bargaining contract, how will the union have legal effect?”

    We will start by facilitating solidarity.  Together, we can fix what’s broken to make this a sustainable industry for everyone.  We intend to lead by example.

    “Do you think models will really walk off set when the rent is due?”

    Unless we vote for a collective agreement, models are perfectly within their rights to continue a shoot if they feel uncomfortable.  What we’d like to do is help them avoid that situation in the first place by providing career assistance and directing them to vetted directors and producers who have no history of exploitation.

    “As a producer, will I have to have my performers join a union to work for me?”

    Again, without a collective agreement, you will not.   But by providing services to industry professionals in need, we create a happier talent pool.  You will want to hire our members.

    “Do you think that you speak for me?”

    No.  Now you can speak for yourself and have someone there to listen.

    “I remember a model in the UK doing the same thing years ago.  No one was interested.”

    Actually, that union is still operating and growing, we are joining with them in order to become even stronger on a global scale.

    Jan 11, 2017
    DUES FAQ: 1.  How much are monthly Union dues? 2.   Will my card get charge automatically again next quarter? 3.  What if I am a part of A.P.A.G. or another chapter, do I have to pay the I.E.A.U. dues? 4. What will the money you receive from union dues be used for?
    Nov 22, 2016
    Glossary of Union Terms: AGENT; BARGAINING AGENT A person acting for an employer or a union; a labor organization that is the exclusive representative of all employees in a bargaining unit, both union and non-union members.
    Nov 29, 2016
    Under the members section is a link to the I.E.A.U. union insurance portal. Open enrollment Insurance marketplaces are from November 1st through December 15th. You can, however, enroll in our group insurance plans during anytime of the year.
    Nov 22, 2016
    Here are some typically Union Bluffs we are expecting to hear from the industry to prepare you: “You will lose your job.” Unbelievably, some employers go as far as to park empty moving vans near the job site just before the election — to give workers the idea that the company will leave if the union goes through.
    Nov 29, 2016
    With every decade there comes change.                                    Everything good at some point, must come to an end.
    Dec 03, 2016
    Why a Union? The idea of a full-fledged labor movement demanding rights in the workplace now seems somewhat quaint and old fashion in the modern day and age.  Talking about labor activism calls forth images of Henry Fonda in the 1930’s or Cesar Chavez marching in the 1960’s.

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