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  • Officers & Staff
    Int'l President
    Elisabeth Thomas

    International President of the I.E.A.U.  

    Elisabeth Thomas holds a degree in business management, with over twenty years’ experience as an exotic dancer, as well as, club manager, she understands the industry in all regards. Residing in Portland Oregon, Miss Thomas has always been an advocate of helping others in the industry and a strong believer of the right of free speech.

    Miss Thomas whole-heartedly understands the struggles people go through in this industry.  Being a wonderful, single mother of five, Miss Thomas is just an amazing soul.  The I.E.A.U. is grateful she accepted the position, even though her hands are already full, she strongly believes in the difference the I.E.A.U. will make for everyone.  Miss Thomas has pledged to stand strong as the adult entertainer’s voice, to fight for the fairness of your rights, no matter how difficult the path ahead may be.

    Int'l Vice President
    Casey Blue

    International Vice President -  Casey Blue

    Miss Blue may be the youngest person ever to be on the board of an International Union, however, do not let her age deceive you. 

    Being raised with BOTH parents in the adult film industry, having to fight child services alongside her mom at the age of six for the right to stay with her parents, along with the judgment and discrimination that is placed upon you, she understands the struggles of every day life the workers in this industry go through, first hand.  

    She has begun her first year at University of Long Beach, studying business law.  Miss Blue has dedicated and pledged her attention, knowledge and skills to the I.E.A.U. to empower, educate and protect its members.

    2nd Int' Vice President
    Courtney Sherrell

     2nd International Vice President

     We are proud to welcome Cortney Sherrell to the I.E.A.U.  She was appointed with very careful consideration by the International President, Elisabeth Thomas on Aug 23rd, 2017.  Miss Sherrell has been in the adult industry for approximately six years working as an exotic dancer with prior working experience as in the U.S. Postal Service proving her dedication to serve and comes from a family of union members and organizations.     

    Currently Miss Sherrell, with her Fiancé, runs three top rated adult establishments in the city of Portland, Oregon.   The board of the I.E.A.U. feel very fortunate to welcome Mrs. Sherrell to the I.E.A.U. board, and we are looking forward to the insight that she is able to share.

     Miss Sherrell will be heading our "Discount Program and Fundraiser Committee" which will help bring members of the Union great benefits that people inside this industry deserves. 


    818-208-7500 Ext. 812

    Int'l Secretary
    Tina Thomas

    International Secretary - Tina Thomas

     Miss Tina Thomas is a former exotic dancer and has many friends and family in the adult entertainment industry.  Miss Thomas attended College in San Francisco being certified as an addiction councilor and is currently a vice game mistress for Feeling Touch Games

     Miss Thomas also heads the I.E.A.U. grievance department.  She has pledged to be apart of the change that is needed for a better future.

     Miss Thomas is willing to fight for health care for families, and better working conditions, has a drive for life and believes whole-heartedly that there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. 


    818-208-7500  Ext. 803

    Int'l Secretary
    Phyllisha Anne

                                                                       International Secretary - Phyllisha Anne

    Phyllisha Anne is the founder of the I.E.A.U. as well as the International Secretary

    Miss Anne is devoted to bettering the lives of the people in this industry.  She began as an exotic dancer at the age of 18, dancing in Portland, Las Vegas, and all over Texas, appearing on Howard Stern, Dr. Susan Block, Late Night HBO, Playboy channel, along with guest appearances on Sons of Anarchy, Los Angeles CSI and Night Moves. 

     Holding a degree from Learning Tree University and a Certified Stunt Driver taught by Bobby Ore, Phyllisha Anne has pledged to  empower, educate and protect all workers of the adult industry.


    818-208-7500 Ext. 813

    Int'l Board Member
    John Holomay

    Jonathan Holomany - International Board Member

    Jonathan owns and operates A Golden Shoebox, A sports and entertainment memorabilia business that specializes in high end collectables, sports cards, uniforms, and autographs as well as collectable automobiles and antiques for the past 29 years.  He has had retail stores and has been a pioneer in the technology field as well, from having internet auction sites prior to eBay(1992) and has been involved in live streaming internet sites from the very early stages(1998) developing the software and web sites . 

    Mr. Holomany has also been a photographer/videographer for the past 25 years utilizing the developments in technology along the way and is currently developing app based live camera controls for drones.  He has designed, constructed, and installed specialized servers and networks for accounting firms, ticket agents and music studios. 

    Mr. Holomany has also owned and operated a talent agency and management company and has purchased, rehabbed, and flipped over 20 properties in the past 10 years ranging from single family homes to historic apartments(23 units) and even a 12k sq foot castle)

    As a long time friend of our beloved Bill Margold, we our honored to have him join the board of the I.E.A.U. 


    818-208-7500 Ext. 801

    Int'l Board Member
    Bob Maschi

    Bob Maschi - International Board Member

    Welcoming International Board Member Bob Maschi.  Mr. Maschi was suggested by the International Secretary; Amanda Gullesserian, and appointed by the International President; Elisabeth Thomas, on Aug. 23rd, 2017.

     Mr. Maschi has been writing erotica and adult scripts professionally for almost two decades. As a long-time advocate for working people and their unions.

     Mr. Maschi sees that those working in the adult entertainment industry, and particularly the women working in parts of that industry, often experience conditions so horrible that most Americans cannot even imagine them. On top of deplorable working conditions, add in their utter lack of job security, poor access to health care, sometimes dangerous working conditions and near absence of retirement programs.  Treatment that, Mr. Maschi feels, are afforded to those who provide so much enjoyment to so many others while producers make billions of dollars every year. He states that it is way past time for the ‘adult’ industry to grow up and treat the people who make this industry, and its customers, with more respect.

     Mr. Maschi has also been appointed to lead our "Union Dues Committee", which will help create the structure that will guide this union into the future. The I.E.A.U. board is excited and proud to have Mr. Maschi and his eagerness to help the people in this industry.


    818-208-7500 Ext. 815

    Int'l Board Member
    Chloe Haze

    Chloe Haze - International Board Member

    Since 2011 Miss Haze has been an active live web cam actress on sites such as "Chaturbate", "Streamate" and "Myfreecams(MFC)."   

    She is currently attending college achieving her certificate in Theatrical Arts as well as AA in Liberal Arts.  Miss Haze is fluent is all software environments including Windows, DOS, MAC, WordPerfect, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop and various Email Programs.   

    Miss Haze is a current industry activities with extreme concern in performers safety and regulations and understands that together we can pave the way for the future of the Adult Industry with positive changes for all of us.  Miss Haze promises to always maintain for working towards a positive change for the future. 

    The I.E.A.U. board is excited and proud to have Miss Haze join us and are looking forward to all that she can bring aboard. 


                                                                                     818-208-7500 Ext. 817

    Int'l Board Member
    Ray Kile

    Ray Kile - International Board Member

    Mr. Kile opened up his first Adult Entertainment Exotic Dance Club in 1988. Over the years he has owned many dance clubs, restaurants & bars all over Portland Oregon area.  He’s owned established and successful agencies for female & male dancers as well as personal security agencies.  

    With his past business experience Mr. Kile brings so much to the table, and we are proud to have him come aboard.  Mr. Kile will be heading our Membership Campaigns at the I.E.A.U. making sure that each Union member will receive the benefits they deserve in this industry, such as medical, retirement and social security.


    Int'l Board Member
    John Bolton

    John Bolton - International Board Member

    Mr. Bolton is a licensed conflict and criminal attorney coming form a union law background.  He shares a law practice with his partner Benjamin Greene in New York City, practicing law for over 30 years. 

    Mr. Bolton has worked closely with many adult entertainment companies over the years. With his partner, he understands the issues that may arise in the industry.

    Mr. Bolton has pledged to be of service to the I.E.A.U. in helping make lawful, educated decisions, and to empower, educate and protect to make the I.E.A.U. even stronger.

    Communications Director
    Bella Doll

    Communications Director

     Multimedia Personality/Producer/Director

    Bella Doll has been involved in nearly every facet of the adult industry since 1997. Originally from Boston, she now lives in San Francisco, moving there after 12 years in the Los Angeles area. She is a mom to an overachieving teenager, and is a proud Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor.

    Bella is a writer, photographer, web developer, and marketer. Despite still finishing up her bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications, she already has over two decades of mainstream political campaign experience at nearly every level, and has done nearly every job from canvassing to strategy to punditry.  

    She is pro-equality, pro-freedom, and pro-choice. She has worked with MA NARAL, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, the OC Democratic Party, and the OC Libertarian Party, as well as numerous blogs and other news outlets.

    Bella is also known as an internet personality and an associate producer for The Dr. Susan Block Show in 2016, as well as for co-producing, co-hosting, and co-directing the Translation YouTube show.

    818-208-7500 Ext. 805

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