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  • About I.E.A.U.


    International Entertainment Adult Union 

    The I.E.A.U. is a non-profit labor organization approved by the Department of Labor since 2015.      

    Currently, there are three registered subordinate bodies (chapters) under the I.E.A.U. with more to come.

    • E.D.G. - Exotic Dancer Guild - Go-go dancers, burlesque dancers, edm dancers, bikini dancers, male dancer, Las Vegas showgirls and exotic dancers.
    • A.P.A.G. - Adult Performers Actors Guild - Current or veteran talent who have worked or are working as an adult film performer.
    • A.F.C. - Adult Film Crew - Camera men, editors, writers, make-up artist, production assistants, talent scouts, drivers, office employees, adult warehouse workers and more.

    The I.E.A.U. is the ONLY CERTIFIED UNION to work with the adult industry as a whole in the United States.

       Adult Industry: Any industry where you must be of the legal of 18 years and above to work. 

    Cocktail waitress, bartenders, tattoo artists, non-professional UFC fighters, boxers, bouncers, security guards, live web cam workers as well as the industries mentioned above.

    The International Evaluation and Accreditation Union is not a part of the I.E.A.U. We are unsure exactly what that is, but please do not donate to that site, it cannot certify you.

    The I.E.A.U. was founded by a woman who has worked in the adult industry her whole life, placing her name and all that she has worked for at risk, to fight for your rights to social security, unemployment, health insurance, and a right to a voice.

    If you are a member of any of the following chapters, you are also a member of the I.E.A.U. and Vice Versa.

    Nov 20, 2016
    Officers of A.P.A.G. are Current and Retired Performers just as yourself, so they understand the on set issues in which performers of today and yesterday have.  Each officer has been in the adult film industry for a minimum of five years, holding a reputation in the highest regard.
    Nov 17, 2016
    E.D.G. - The exotic dancer guild is a charter chapter of the I.E.A.U. The E.D.G. consists of Go-Go dancers, EDM dancers, burlesque dancers, Las Vegas showgirls, topless dancers, bikini dancers, pole dancers and exotic dancers.  
    Nov 20, 2016
    The Adult Film Crew A.F.C. Local 424 consist of camera men, directors, producers, editors, make-up artists, costume makers, production assistants, talent scouts, office employees and drivers. The objects and purpose of A.F.C. is to set a community standard for adult film movie productions..
    Nov 21, 2016
    L.O.W. Live On the Web L.O.W. - Live On the Web is a future charter chapter of the I.E.A.U. This chapter is for web cam models. I.E.A.U. can provide you with health insurance, discount programs and community blogs. L.O.W. is now appointing chapter officers.  If you are interested in becoming an officer of L.O.W., please email the I.E.A.U.
    Jan 13, 2017
    C.E.R.T.S. Concert Venues - Events - Restraunts - Taverns - Servers C.E.R.T.S. is in the stage of creation now, please join to be a part of the team.
    Nov 21, 2016
    OTHER CHAPTERS Other professions the I.E.A.U. will support are bartenders, cocktail waitresses, bouncers, security guards, tattoo artists, legal escorts, Dj's, non professional UFC fighters and boxers.  All professions in which you must be of eighteen years of age or above to work.

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  • International Entertainment Adult Union

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