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    Updated: Dec. 12 (11:00)

    Report: Economy Steady But Wages Are Lagging
    Teamsters local 570
    Report: Economy Steady But Wages Are Lagging
    Teamsters Local 992
    EPPD: Suspect accused of shooting police officer in South Central El Paso now in custody
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
    3 LEOs Shot In Houston While Serving Warrant
    El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
    Teamsters Local 179
    Scholarship Applications are now Available
    Teamsters Joint Council 41
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  • Why join a Union?

    Why join a Union?

    That fact is simple, so you have voice against things you want to change in your place of employment industry.  


    You cannot get much done especially legally with $100.00, but you can if your $100.00 is combined with everyone else’s $100.00, couldn’t you? Paying your dues will be the best $100.00 you will ever spend towards your future.  Changes will not happen overnight, but we can promise you, we will be fighting for you every day. All officers are Volunteers, so 100% of your $100.00 dues or any donation goes to fighting for better future for YOUR life.

    It's that simple.


    With your dues and our dues and their dues placed together, we will have the funds to hire lawyers to make those changes for you, to fight that fight for you, and YOU will have a voice in the decisions in those fights.

    We are currently fighting:

    •  Adult Film Testing Protocols 

    Nondetecable DOES NOT EQUAL Nontransmittabl

    If you do not agree that it is okay for talent to hide behind a Negative HIV test              knowing they are Positive because they are taking medication which can hide                their positive viral load then JOIN NOW Updating our testing protocols would              make all viral loads detectable, but our testing centers are refusing to do so! For            more information click on article below.


      Fighting to amend the Fosta BillIf this bill is effecting your livelihood.


          JOIN NOW!

    Fighting to give Dancers More RightsIf you are a dancer, and do not believe you should not pay over half of what you make out in tips every night then,

           JOIN NOW! 

     Please see the Amicus Brief for more information

    As well as the Dancers Bill of Rights.

    RoyaltiesIf you are an adult film performer and you see yourself on late night HBO, shouldn't you be paid for that as well? What if you just got a penny of every        click you got on the internet beside your affiliate programs? If ever there was a            time to make that change, the time is now!

        JOIN NOW!

    INSURANCE and other human basic needs - Insurance is beyond expensive if your employer won’t help provide it for you, but with a low-cost insurance group plan it would be affordable, wouldn’t it? What if we could get your talent testing done for less than 30$ a month? Guess what? WE CAN!  

            JOIN NOW!

    Adult Film CrewIf you are stuck on set making minimum wage, should you not get a required break, over time?  Shouldn’t you have to have a permit to work on adult crew to protect your job from every ones iPhone camera? Can you see why companies  are against the Union but why this will be the smartest thing to do for YOUR          future?

        JOIN NOW!

    Live Web Cam Talent  - Are they keeping your money without any way to fight it?  How much are you paying them out of your %?  What if we can get you a job making more money doing the same thing?  Well, we can!

         JOIN NOW!


    *If any of these subjects you are strongly passion about, and have the time that you can but towards our efforts we would love volunteers, the more people fighting the cause, the stronger the cause will become. To volunteer fill out or Volunteer forms.

    If you do not working inside the adult entertainment industry but still believe we are fighting a just cause, and want to be a part of it, them please DONATE HERE. 

     Just think how much better we could entertain you, how much even funnier we would be if we were getting better taken care of?  if you enjoy watching any type of adult entertainment, the industry is calling upon you to help protect the people in it.  We are a 501© so any donation is tax deductible and 100% of all donations go directly to helping.

    Sep 25, 2018
    HIV TALENT WORKING IN TALENT POOL Nondetectable DOES NOT EQUAL nontransmittable We expressed concern over performer safety and possible exposure to HIV while on set due to our outdated testing protocols, and then we were made aware of an apparent agenda to allow HIV Undetectable performers into our testing pool.

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