• March 18, 2019
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    by Amanda Gullesserian

    PASS is the system that the Adult Film Industry uses that keeps the Adult Talent safe. So they say anyways. How safe can one feel knowing that the person your working with Is HIV positive, but their test states they are negative? Well how can their test state the person is Negative if they are positive you ask? The medication which FSC has endorsed called Prep. By taking Prep Medication it can lower your virus low enough to pass the FSC PASS testing. And this month FSC and APAC newsletter plainly stated the fact in black and white Thinking we would not notice nor would we care. On the bottom of this newsletter is says Undetectable=Nontransferable. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control...) that statement is false. Just because your viral load at that moment when you take the test is low enough to pass does not mean it is low enough not to pass it to you. And let’s pretend for a second it was. Are you willing to take that chance? Also on the bottom of the newsletter FSC states “In the event of a positive result (meaning you just got a test stating you were HIV positive) The performer gets treatment, and may not work AGAIN, until they re- test negative! Their scene partners are also informed and treated” Go back and look at your latest APAC newsletter if you don’t believe me it’s right there In black and white. Is the FSC the group you really Can trust? You might want to think again. And performers. What are we going to do about it?  Just let it slide under the rug? Until the phone rings and it’s you this time that has become positive? 

    I'm sorry but this is not okay!   

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    Bobmas Said...

    Wow. They don't care a bit about the health of their workers. It's all about appearance.


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