• December 10, 2017
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    Updated On: Feb 15, 2017


    1.  How much are monthly Union dues?

    • 84.00 for the year. that's as little as $7.00 a month.  

    2.  How much do I place in the "amount" section when I am paying on line?  

    The pay schedule for the month you join is as follows: (You must pay your dues before you are allowed access to the site)

    • January:         $84.00
    • February:        $77.00
    • March:           $70.00
    • April:             $63.00
    • May:              $56.00
    • June:              $49.00
    • July                $42.00
    • August:          $35.00
    • September:   $28.00
    • October:         $21.00
    • November:     $14.00
    • December:       $7.00

    • Unless you were emailed a special provisions email stating that you never have to pay on line dues.

    IF you want to add accidental insurance to your membership please add an additional $60.00 a month to your membership.

    3.  Will my card get charge automatically again next year?

    • No. Your card is charged the one-time fee, which will give you membership through the year 2017
    • Each year you will have to repay for your union membership benefits

    4. Where will the money you receive from union dues be held?

    • All union dues are to be held untouched for one full year time in a secure union bank account
    • After that year time, a vote will take place on what the dues will be spent for

    5.  Will I be able to audit the financial statements?

    • All union members will be available to view financial statements upon request

    6.  What will paying the union membership get me?

    • First and for most the right to vote
    • Please see the link on member benefits to see what all the membership includes

    7.  Once your payment has been received:

    • You will recieve f a receit from the I.E.A.U. so you may use your dues as a tax write off
    • You will get access to site with in 24 hours 
    • You will receive your membership Union ID card
      • Please, place the photo you would like on your ID in your account profile.  You can do this by clicking on the account button once you receive access to site
    • A membership welcome package
      • Explaining the details of what all we have to offer, for more detail please see the benefits section of website

    8. What if I just want to make a donation?

    • You may also do so using the Pay Dues Online link, just place the donation amount you wish to make
    • All donations are tax deductable, we are a registered 501 C (5) and (3)

    9.  What if I belong to the L.O.W. chapter?  Do I still pay dues to the I.E.A.U.?

    • At the moment yes
    • All chapters under the I.E.A.U. Including A.P.A.G. is paid through the I.E.A.U. until further notice

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