• December 10, 2017
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  • A.P.A.G. & A.F.C. Goals
    Updated On: Sep 27, 2017

    I.E.A.U. Union Goals for A.P.A.G. and A.F.C.

    We now have accidental insurance programs. For $60.00 a month you can receive $2,000 a month to cover your bills if you catch an STD, or break a leg or need to heal from bruises, whatever the reason.  For more information on this insurance program click on the insurance link in the membership section.  

    Shall be to set up affordable health insurance for all industry members, with talent testing centers that accept our health insuranceretirements plans, social security, financial advisors, tax incentives, and unemployment insurance.

    Bargaining for royalties for the adult actors and actresses from not only the adult movies aired, but also from the thousands of hits the links with your name on them obtain.

    Rehab centers catering especially to adult entertainment industry, self-help seminars, 24-hour help lines and organizations for battered members in the industry helping to set up a better way of life for the future.

    Placing stronger restrictions on adult copy-right materials, and age verification on adult websites to help with the fight against child pornography and child access as well as to help stop human trafficking by this union approving legitimate production companies so that the public will be aware of the compliance of the company with these legal issues.

    To provide work opportunities and employment with each other, for each other, inside the union industry creating a union-only member work site to help with the State and Federal unemployment rate.

    By reconstructing all adult performer contracts to better safeguard the adult film local chapters, to regulate the testing centers for the industry to help with the fight against AIDS and other STDS.

    To have the rights guaranteed by the Federal Government for the right to a voice and the right to stand together to perform as an “Industry Union” to uphold legal, moral, and social standards impacting the industry.

    Lawyers for union members to help with nonpayment and other dishonesty from employers.

    Adding "Source of Income" to the discrimination act.

    Employment Opportunities    

    • Accountants, Personal Assistants, Babysitters, Drivers, Handy-Man, Make-up Artists, Hair Dressers, Hair Extensions, etc.

    • A community within a community, generating jobs for each other, by each other

    Discount Programs

    From your phone bill, to rental cars, to where you get your nails done.

  • International Entertainment Adult Union

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