• December 10, 2017
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  • Personal Note
    Updated On: Dec 03, 2016

    With every decade there comes change.  

                                     Everything good at some point, must come to an end.


    The Constitution of "Free Speech" still holds strong,  so our hope is far from gone.

    We are an indusrty that is said to be a billion dollar industry in which every person in the world wants a piece of, it has already lost the aspect of business in the way we once knew.

    We have entered into a time where anyone can decide, on a whim, to be a part of the adult entertainment business with little effort or knowledge, pushing out the video stores and distribution companies out of business, with a quickness.  Leaving the ones that have made this industry their home, behind.

    For those of us who have made this our life long career, we now find ourselves out of jobs, with no social security, no health insurance and not realizing how quickly retirement would come.

    But we are not telling you something you do not already know.

    The adult industry as a "Whole" has been given the opportunity to accept these changes, with a new outlook.  The opportunity to help each other in the time of need is now being presented upon us.  Perhaps, this is the time where we need to place any dislikes we may have of one another aside, just for a moment, and respect the fact our issues are all one of the same.

    The adult industry was once a family.  You would walk on to set and everyone would know your name.  Where we did watch out for each other, in an industry we called our "Home."

                                 "As one door closes, another shall open."

                           Alexander Bell

    As of December 15th 2015, the US Dept. of Labor has granted the adult industry a "Mother Union".  We are now:

    The International Entertainment Adult Union


    What we do with this "Union" is up to us, the people inside the Entertainment Adult Industry.

    It is time to close the door to what we once knew, and open the door to the future.  Teaching the new era of Entertainers what we have learned, sharing our resources where knowledge and safety are a concern.

    "Union" gives us the creditability we have been missing through out all these years, the strength to be proud of who we are and what we have become.

    "Union" gives us the rights all other workers of the world already have.

      "So that when we leave, we can hold the door open for the ones who come behind us.."

                                                                                                      William Margold

           By giving back to this industry we love, we leave our imprint

                                                                                    for all the time to come.


                                                  From the hearts of ,

                                Phyllisha Anne and Elisabeth Thomas

  • International Entertainment Adult Union

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