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  • Dance Club Policies

    The I.E.A.U.'s dancer club policies:

    1.  To work a premier shift, you must work a slow day shift to off set fairness.

    2. All stages shall be cleaned before each start of new shift.

    3. Dressing rooms are to be kept in a clean and orderly manner.

    4. You are to be paid a hourly pay rate on top of your made tips.

    5. If you are late or do not show for your shift, you may be fined.

    6. There shall be no "stage rental" fees or a % of those fees will go towards your reirement account.

    7.  There shall be no % of your private dances given to the bar, however you are to sign a non liable performer contract, removing the club liability for any falls or injuries.

    8. There shall be no drug use ever on any club property.

    9.  You may only have 2 drinks max. per shift.

    10. If gambling is available, you shall not gamble during or after your shift.

    11. If you are ever caught soliciting customers, you shall not return back to property and may be arrested.

    12. Respect your co-workers, if you are found to be a problem on more than three occcasions, you wil be asked not to return.

    13.  You are allowed 20 min break, between each set to get redressed, eat, use restroom. Otherwise you must always be on the floor. Smiling. 

    14.  There shall be water and light snacks available to you in the manager's office or in the dressing room. 

    15. Every one shall be given a private locker in which you can bring your own lock, and lock up your belongings.

    16. Your spouse and boyfriend shall not be on premises while you are working.


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