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    1st Award Ceremony

    September 20th 2018

    Speech given by I.E.A.U. Founder Amanda Gullesserian

    Welcome the very first Awards Ceremony of the I.E.A.U.                         

    In memory of a lost, beloved friend to so many of us, William Margold. 

    The I.E.A.U would like to take a moment to award the excellence and hard work of the people who have dedicated their time and passion this year to the union’s success.

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people, each working towards changing the world for hundreds of people, can make a better future for us all. Each of you should feel proud.  Your continued dedication of standing with us has begun to change the waves of the world’s energy. Even though you may think we have not accomplished enough, what we have accomplished is already changing history.

    For Here We Still Stand

    Coming together was only the beginning – keeping together was another progress – now working together is our next success, despite our differences.

    When a team of dedicated individuals makes a commitment to act as one – in unity – as one voice – the sky is the limit on the changes we can make for our future.

    Our first award is the

    Welcome to our World Award

    The achievements of thid person whose brilliant glow lights the way to their success as well as to ours, who is not accustomed to our industry or our ways, yet is willing to stand behind us and help. 

    The Welcome to our World Award goes to – John Flemming

    Next is the Rock Star Rookie Award

    Hard work and dedication are the bedrock of every great achievement. This award goes to the newest member that is rocking us to great things for our future.

    • The Rock Star Rookie Award goes to – Ray Kile

    The Good Addition Award

    The next  award goes to the people that have shown to be of good integrity and have a passion for this union’s success.

    • The Good Addition Award goes to – Carae Schultz & Brian Munn

    Our Future is Bright Award  

    The foundation of any great organization is rooted by its leaders.

    The Future is Bright Award goes to the person who shows a great future for this industry as well as for oneself.

    • The Future is Bright Award goes to – Chloe Haze

    The Beyond the Call of Duty – It will always be one of our highest level of awards.

    Confidence is a plant that is of slow growth but from the flowers a leader shall emerge.  

    The Beyond the Call of Duty Award is awarded to the person that goes up and beyond their responsibility and we could not be on the road to success without them.

    • The Beyond the Call of Duty Award goes to – Tina Thomas

    Welcome to Awesome Award

    Success is a clear reflection of the effort, pride and passion living within our volunteers.

    Our Welcome to Awesome Award goes to – Bella Doll

    The Leaderboard Award 

    The Person that is leading with brilliance, patience and perfect leadership.

    • The Leaderboard Award goes to – John Holomay

    Circle of Excellence Award 

    Leaders are the nurturing force that fuels our growth.

    • The Circle of Excellence Award goes to Courtney Sherrell

    Beyond Excellence Award

    This person has shown a commitment to excellence in everything they do.

    • The Beyond Excellence Award goes to – Kelly Peirce

    The WOW Award

    Leaders stand out by the nature of their commitment and the integrity of their character that have ‘WoW’ed us in so many ways.

    The Wow Award goes to – Jennifer Albaugh aka Ruby

    The I.E.A.U. Superstar Award

    A true star rises to the top not by chance but through purpose and

    passion. Our superstar has shined through when all have been dim and continues to do so. This will also always be one of our highest level of awards.

    • The Superstar Award goes to – Bob Maschi

    Five Star Honors Award

    This person has shown leadership in building our future with creativity and vision.

    • Our Five Star Honors Award goes to – India Moral

    Our Leadership Award 

    The leader who shares experiences, ensures a bright future and leaves a legacy of success.

    Our Leadership Award goes to – Alana Evans

    Capital Achievement Award

    The initiative is the light that leads and the strength that lifts people to excellence.

    • Our Capital Achievement Award goes to – Lance Allen

    Shining Star Award

    This person who has been our peak performer and spokesperson while holding their title with the highest respect.

    Our Shining Star Award goes to – Amber Lynn

    Spotlight Award

    Giving the world the best you have and the best will come back to you has been this person’s motto.

    The Spotlight Award goes to – Jorge Reano

    Helping hand Award 

    Achievements are within your reach when you stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity hard work and unwavering determination. This person is always willing to give a helping hand in all we do.

    • The Helping Hand Award goes to – Amanda Gullesserian

    President Award – Will be the highest level of award of the I.E.A.U. and will be between the presidents of all chapters.

    This award goes to the person who leaves the world in a better place than they found it, who never fails to look for the best in others or give the best of themselves.

    • Our first President Award goes to – Elisabeth Thomas

    Head Cheerleader Award

             This person has been a part of us always cheering us on by sticking behind the union no matter what.

    • The Head Cheer Leader Award goes to – James Felton

    Horses Ass Award – Will also be one of our highest-level awards.

    This person has never backed down to what they believe to be right, will not be pressured by those around him, and has shown a very respectable kind of stubbornness.

    • Our Horses Ass Award goes to – Tony Tedeschi

    These awards today set the tone for all the I.E.A.U. awards in the future with more to be added as needed.  I again, thank each and every one of you. This journey has not been easy, and I foresee it, not getting any easier, anytime soon. So, thank you for sticking with me.

    Again, Thank You and God Bless!


    Amanda Gullesserian aka Phyllisha Anne

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